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Prevention mutual

Do you know the advantages you could benefit by joining a prevention mutual from our company Prévactions? In addition to significant savings on your CNESST contributions, you will have access to a wide range of personalized services.

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Prévactions is a competent company that listens to your needs!

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Our expertise at the service of your growth! Allow us the pleasure of contributing to the development of your business.

The beginning

Fill out a form

When you plan to join the mutual Prévactions, all you have to do is complete an access authorization form provided by electronic link from the CNESST. This process does not commit you to anything.

Getting to know you

Study your situation

This procedure will allow our firm of actuaries, independent of our company, to establish an evaluation of your previous experiences with the CNESST.
This study is confidential and free.

The next step

The meeting

Thereafter, a face-to-face meeting will allow you to know the financial impacts and the significant savings that can be made and the services adapted to your company that we can offer you.
Our mutual does not require you to join for any length of time.
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What is it?

Prevention mutual

A prevention mutual is a group of employers who join together for the prevention of work accidents and occupational injuries, with the aim of reducing contributions CNESST.

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What sets our prevention mutual apart?

Turnkey service

We are a 360° solutions company. Our goal is to take care of your concerns mainly in human resources and occupational health and safety.


We are associated with a firm of actuaries independent of our company. This gives you the exact figures with transparency and impartiality.

To better cope

Our main goal is to help you through the prevention of accidents and occupational injuries in order to save you on the cost of CNESST claims.


With our skills in prevention and the experience of our team in a wide variety of mandates, we can improve the performance of your business.
Prévactions is a competent company that listens to your needs!

Can't be in a mutual?

No problem!

We will support you with our mandates to rehabilitate you in terms of prevention, in order to help you improve your performance.
Contact us to help you solve your problem. Consult the full range of services offered for you, whether you have a mutual insurance company or not.
What can we do ?

Our services

Prévactions works in several areas and supports you in the different aspects of your business. By doing business with us, you are certain to obtain quality service and exemplary professionalism.


Good ergonomic practices will help your employees, prevent injuries and save you many administrative headaches.
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Labour Standards

We offer advice and support for the application of labor laws, standards and regulations.
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Human ressources

We offer solutions to facilitate the management of various HR aspects such as labor relations, staffing or compensation.
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Health and security at work

We design personalized prevention programs for you and we offer several other services related to occupational health and safety.
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Trainings and conferences

We offer training and conferences in HR as well as occupational health and safety. We adapt the training according to your specific needs.
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Our team

We are here to support you by adopting effective strategies and taking concrete actions for your business.

Alexander Tremblay


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Jean-Philippe Dufour

Vice President and Project Manager

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Marie Claude Munger

Director of Occupational Health and Safety

Marianne Marcotte

Directrice aux finances

Paul Tremblay

Occupational health and safety consultant

Julie Tremblay

Occupational health and safety consultant and trainer

Marylou Tremblay

Occupational health and safety consultant

Louis Menard

Occupational health and safety consultant

Simon Rosa

Occupational health and safety consultant

Martin Coulombe

Occupational health and safety consultant

Geely Roussel

Business Development Officer

Claudine Morin

Business Development Agent

Veronique Boivin

Business Development Agent

Maud Harvey

IT Manager

Marie Pier Rondeau

Organizational communication and well-being at work

Qui est Marie-Pier Rondeau?

Marie-Pier Rondeau has been evolving and specializing in the field of communications for 14 years, following her bachelor's degree in public communication obtained in 2009. As part of her professional experience as a consultant and communications coordinator, her skills acquired in management and in continuous improvement and her professional development in recent years, she discovered a passion for organizational communication and well-being at work. With the desire to collaborate concretely in the development and improvement of communication and human resources in the workplace, it is with pleasure and motivation that she went into business as a consultant. To optimize and develop the world of work positively is, among other things, one of its main missions!

Marie Pier Rondeau

Organizational communication and well-being at work

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